At the heart of Power Survey’s GridHealthTM service is the SVD mobile electric field detection system. Mobile electric field detection is the most sensitive and accurate non-invasive testing method available for locating faults in underground electric distribution systems.  The SVD is a purpose built mobile detector specifically designed to detect the low level electric fields that emanate from the surfaces of structures that have become energized due to an underground distribution system fault. It simultaneously detects voltage on all surfaces in an area: streetlights, manholes, fences, hand-hole covers, roadways, and sidewalks.

A world class team of over 75 physicists, scientists, engineers and technicians embarked on a 2-year development effort to create the technology and concepts comprising the SVD. The result is an industry benchmark system that has not been equaled in sensitivity or performance.

The SVD has been certified by an internationally accredited independent laboratory for reliable detection of contact voltage in field operating environments.

Our fleet of SVD systems have successfully serviced dozens of utility clients in over 60 cities across the US, Canada, and Europe.  In total, our SVD systems have tested millions of structures and detected over 180,000 instances of contact voltage, more than any company or group of companies on earth combined.  The SVD is the only certified, proven solution trusted by the world’s leading electric utilities.

Power Survey’s GridHealthTM service has been applied in a variety of electric distribution related projects, including:

  • Street Lighting Asset Maintenance and Valuation
  • Distribution System Assets
  • Distributed System Assets
  • Public & Worker Safety
  • Cable Replacement