Here are a few examples of how Power Survey’s GridHealth™ programs can help to improve the performance of your organization.

Improved Public and Employee Safety – Power Survey’s Mobile Testing Solution, the SVD2000, has proven itself to be the most effective tool in reducing electric shocks associated with instances of elevated voltage in urban areas. Some customers have reported 80% reductions in electric shocks in the first year of implementation. Eliminating cases of degraded insulation also helps to reduce the number of serious manhole fires and explosions related to defective cable.


Improved Underground System Performance and Reliability– Damaged cable insulation can evolve into more persistent energetic faults which impact not only low voltage secondary cables but can also impact nearby primary and transmission cables. Early detection is possible with the SVD2000. By eliminating these incipient faults early in their life cycle, underground secondary events as well as customer interruptions can be avoided.


More Granular Data for Asset Managers – Each of the detections made by the SVD2000 can provide asset managers with specific, detailed information about the condition of cable in a geographic area. These detections, coupled with data provided by the utility regarding the age, manufacturer and insulation type can help asset managers better target cable for replacement, increasing program benefit and reducing overall costs.


Improved System Energy Efficiency – GridHealth™ eliminates the need for expensive demand side management programs by reducing energy losses and eliminating thousands of tons of carbon emissions.