Why Power Survey

Proven Results
Power Survey has performed electric field testing in over 60 US cities, 4 Canadian cities and 8 European countries. We have a client base which includes many of the largest and most respected utilities in the world. Using our patented electric field testing technology we have identified millions of structures uncovering over 180,000 instances of distribution system faults, more than any company or group of companies on earth combined. Power Survey offers customers a level of experience, security, and peace of mind that no other vendor can match.

Measurable Benefits
Our service programs measurably impact safety and reliability, reduce underground events, such as manhole explosions, and improve energy efficiency. In addition, the data collected during our programs provides asset managers with new and valuable insight into the performance of many elements of the underground distribution system. Our customers have leveraged this data to target capital programs, improve maintenance programs, and increase overall system health.

Turnkey Operations
Our service programs integrate seamlessly into your day-to-day operations. We provide a comprehensive service that manages all aspects of electric field testing, diagnostics, reporting, and record keeping functions with an unmatched level of expertise and experience. Organization of operations is designed to minimize customer efforts and staff needed to monitor or direct operation.

Cutting Edge Technology
At the core of our operation is the SVD. The SVD is a groundbreaking, powerful detection system. It is sensitive enough to pinpoint even the most minute system faults while driving at speeds of up to 20 mph. In addition, Power Survey has developed an extensive suite of hardware and software tools to support both our own service and the industry at large.

Strict Procedural Adherence
Strict adherence to sound testing procedures is essential for a successful program. Power Survey has led the industry in the formulation, refinement and successful implementation of testing and troubleshooting procedures critical to electric field testing and detection. Our testing and troubleshooting procedures have been adopted by many industry leading utilities.

Award Winning Engineering Team
Engineers at Power Survey were among the first to begin concentrated research in the area of electric field testing in 2004. Since then we have remained on the cutting edge of the development and implementation of new technologies in this area. Our engineering team frequently publishes their works and actively participates in industry working groups and standards bodies, including the IEEE Contact Voltage Working Group and the Canadian Electric Safety Authority’s Street Lighting Asset Committee.

World Class Project Management Team
Every Power Survey customer is supported by a high level, qualified team of experts in utility operations, electrical engineering, logistics, customer service, data management, training, and quality assurance to ensure a successful program.

Every customer is assigned a dedicated project manager who serves as your main point of contact. Our client manager will work with you to tailor operations to your individual needs and their continuous involvement in every aspect of your program ensures excellent communication and the highest level of service. Our client managers are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and have decades of experience running programs for and with utilities both large and small.

Highly Trained and Certified Technicians
Highly skilled personnel are essential to the successful execution of a mobile electric field diagnostic survey.  All Power Survey technicians are rigorously selected and complete an extensive certification program, designed by the team which designed the SVD system itself. Training is an ongoing process at Power Survey and central to our culture and commitment.  Power Survey certification ensures the technician’s ability to operate the SVD to the fullest extent of its capabilities and perform consistent testing and troubleshooting procedures. Our certified technicians are able to recognize stray voltage targets in a wide range of changing field conditions, and produce accurate, repeatable results reported in a professional manner.

Comprehensive Data Management and Reporting
The backbone to our service programs is a sophisticated data management system designed in conjunction with utility customers. We utilize a complete system in which status information about progress of scanning operations, mitigation, repair, and stand-by activities is tracked and updated in real time. Our proven process ensures data is recorded and managed reliably and accurately.

Regular reporting of testing progress, results and the measured improvements of the program help to ensure continued momentum. Power Survey’s GridSight™ Dashboards provide customers with up-to-date status reports delivered to their desktop via a web interface or to their iPad via a custom dashboard interface.