GridHealth™ is our comprehensive, turnkey service providing electric system operators with unmatched intelligence and visibility into the health of their underground distribution systems and assets.

At the core of the operation is a suite of technologies able to pinpoint system deficiencies stemming from aging and damaged underground cable and equipment. All findings are captured, managed, compiled, tracked, analyzed, and reported in real time using cutting-edge data management systems.

Client managers are kept abreast of findings, reports, and analytics using GridSight™, our dynamic, real-time, program management dashboard application. GridSight™ can be viewed in the office by simply logging onto our secure web portal. Clients are also provided 4G IPads with GridSight™ preloaded onto the tablets so the application can be quickly accessed in the field.

GridHealth™ has already been implemented by utilities in over 40 North American cities. Immediately upon implementation, clients have realized the benefits of GridHealth™ through:

Optimized capital and maintenance planning – GridHealth™ is an ultra-intelligent capital and maintenance planning tool. By detecting and analyzing system weaknesses, GridHealth™ provides actionable insight into where and when failures will strike next.



Improved system reliability, public and worker safety – GridHealth™ has identified over 180,000 customer validated underground system faults, averting countless reliability and public/worker safety threats.



Improved system energy efficiency –  GridHealth™ eliminates the need for expensive demand side management programs by reducing energy losses and eliminating thousands of tons of carbon emissions.


All GridHealth™ programs are supported by our award-winning, multi-disciplined team of experts in electrical engineering, utility operations, data management, quality assurance, and customer service to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction.