Getting Started

We have designed our turnkey services to integrate seamlessly into your day-to-day operations. Implementing a Power Survey testing program is simple and no different than typical utility programs.


Our customer team is comprised of several former utility operations personnel who understand your questions and challenges. From initial consultation to project completion, our customer team will guide you through every step of the process.


Presentations & Demonstrations

We are pleased to offer informative talks, presentations, and demonstrations at your facilities. Our engineering and/or business personnel are also available for web presentations or conference calls upon your request.


Materials & Information

We maintain an exhaustive archive of presentations, studies, whitepapers and relevant industry documents and publications. We are pleased to provide you all necessary information to assist in your educational and decision making process.



Our customers have consistently applauded our excellence in service quality. We are pleased to provide referrals to existing customers upon request.




No two customers are identical. Our customer team will provide guidance based on current industry practice, but every Power Survey service program is uniquely designed to accommodate the specific needs of your organization.



We are pleased to provide prospective customers with everything from estimates to full proposals.



Pre-Kickoff Training

With new procedures and new programs comes the need for additional training. From informative talks for executives and managers to hands on training for field crews tasked with making the repairs, all levels of the organization will have ready access to comprehensive training and support in order to ensure a successful program.


Contact Us

Contact Power Survey today with any questions or to receive an analysis of how mobile electric field testing can benefit your organization.