About Us

Power Survey Company was formed in 2006 to provide electric field testing and asset management services to electric utilities and municipalities worldwide through the utilization of cutting edge technology, advanced data management systems, and a team of trained professionals. Power Survey’s corporate headquarters in Secaucus, NJ serve as the global command center for all PSC operations. Power Survey’s management, operations personnel, dispatchers, and field personnel are based out of this secure 20,000 square ft. facility.

Power Survey’s management team has over 100 years combined experience in electrical engineering, operations, and logistics. This team includes the individuals directly responsible for the conception, design, and construction of the SVD system. In addition, PSC operations and field personnel are carefully selected and must pass rigorous training, safety, and continuing education programs. Key to PSC’s operation is the effective management of information gathered in the field. Extensive technological resources have been employed to organize the various database design and information technology functions needed to ensure proper data management and reporting.

Trained PSC crews have identified over 180,000 utility cable and system faults across North America and Europe – more than all other organizations on earth combined. These findings have enabled dramatic improvements in utility asset management and safety for customers worldwide.